Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Weird Dog

I had hoped that having left China, we would have also left behind goofy conversations about our dog. What was I thinking? Of course we'll have goofy conversations about our little foreign pup. We'll just have them in English now!

Case in point - here's the conversation I had this morning with a sweet little old lady while her dog jumped around like a maniac at her feet:

Woman: Oh look, you have two! What kind are they?

Me: Well, this one is a cocker spaniel, and this one is from China. We don't know what she is. They didn't even know over there.

Woman: China China?

Me: Yep. China. The country.

Woman (looking directly at Scout): I bet you have a story to tell about how you got here!

Me: Yes, a long, complicated and expensive tale. But she was only $9 to begin with so . . .

Woman (still speaking to Scout): DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?

Me, laughing: Yes, she does.

Woman: Did she come on an airplane?

Me: Uh . . . yep. She did.

Woman: Well, she's beautiful! Have a blessed day!

Me: You too!

Ah yes. We have a weird dog. She goes well with our weird lives.


  1. So people on that side still want to know....what LANGUAGE the dog speaks? This has me laughing! I honestly thought that particular concern was unique to China. People aren't still asking you how much she costs though, right? :)

  2. That's the main conversation I've had with her. One guy who came to the house did point out that she looks like a Finnish Spitz. We think she must be partly that because she does look an awful lot like the ones we saw (though we think she's cuter). :)