Sunday, November 4, 2012

Starting From Scratch

My cupboards are bare. By the end of the week, hopefully, our belongings will arrive on that slow boat from China and be deposited somewhere in our new house, but our pantry will be bare. There will be no milk in the fridge, no cereal in the cabinet, no sugar, flour, soup, bread, spices, oil, or random jar of God knows what that's been in the back corner for longer than you can remember.

I'm starting from scratch.

While that prospect feels a little daunting, there's a great freedom to it as well. I went to the people's co-op the other day and bought seven spices-only ones I know I consistently use (and all in identical containers on top of which I can put cute labels. This delights my structured and creative sides to no end). I can buy as I go. It forces me to consider what I get and why. It simplifies. I like it.

We'll be starting from scratch in a lot of ways down there, and while it's not quite as pleasing a thought as a new pantry, it does have its advantages. We're starting with a clean schedule. We can choose what fills it. We will have to consider what we do and why. It simplifies. I like it.

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