Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I've been there

A man spoke yesterday at church. He was visiting from Africa, where he and his family work at a rural hospital. Listening to him, I felt a strong kinship. I could imagine the hardships he and his wife have to face with their four kids. I'm guessing that the decision to homeschool some and send one to boarding school must have been difficult. I suppose it's not easy getting the things they need, that they can't find, in rural Africa. If they've been there a long time, probably a lot of things they've just learned to live without, but things like homeschool books - what do they do? It's probably exciting and fun for him to be back here for a short time, but also tiring. I imagine his wife and kids are doing the best they can in his absence. I hope they have good friends there, maybe other Americans, hopefully local friends as well, who can buoy them while he is gone.

I feel that life. I've been there. I know mine wasn't the same as theirs - we all have our unique struggles and circumstances. But I felt blessed to be reminded that our life in Asia will always be a part of us, a part that will connect us to others.

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