Monday, December 3, 2012


I love color, especially on my walls. To me, white walls are just a canvas - they must have color.

Apparently, the previous owners of our house were kindred spirits in this regard, although the argument could and will be made that they took it a little too far.

When we first walked into our living room, we could see not one, not two, but five colors: dark red, yellow, orange, aqua, and peach. This is beyond "feature wall." It's not just in the living area though - it's throughout the house. Usually it's two walls of one color and one wall of another, like in our bathroom, the office, and the laundry room.

We think the logic went, "Hmm . . . I bought this gallon of orange to do one wall in the laundry room, but I still have more. Let's do another wall. What - still more? Let's do that little bit of the hallway." This logic was applied repeatedly throughout the house, so that one of the blues in the media room shows up on two walls of the office. Another one of them appears in our bathroom. The other color in our bathroom is also in the kids' bathroom. The yellow in part of the dining room matches the other two walls in the office. And then there's that odd space in Ethan's room where they seemed to have started sponge painting with a Twinkie and then gave up (maybe they sensed the Twinkie's impending doom and chose to eat it instead).

All this I would like to remedy. Thankfully, some of the colors I actually like and would have chosen myself, so our bedroom and the guest room will remain the same.

Thankfully down the street (and by "down the street" I mean, "the closest stores to us, which are still about 5 miles away") there is a Sherwin Williams store which has delightful names for their colors like On the Rocks and Dill and Pebblestone, all of which will be making appearances in our home. It also seems to be where the previous owners purchased paint. Using my otherwise fairly useless minute color difference spotting skills acquired during my stint as a photographic technician in a one-hour photo store I managed to pick out the colors they used on the walls we'd like to keep, so we can cover the ones we don't.

Tomorrow, we paint!

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