Monday, December 31, 2012

Project 365 December

When I started this project at the beginning of the year, I was hoping it would improve my photography and give me a great record of what I knew would be an epic year in the life of the Butz family. It was a lot of fun at first and I got some good shots from it, but there were a lot of days when I would sit in a chair and think, "Is there anything I am currently viewing which is picture worthy? No? Then forget it." As you can see from below, I have resorted to standing on my deck many nights to capture the back woods. They're an easy target. 

I confess I'm feeling lazy and don't plan to put these in any kind of order. Suffice to say they were taken some time this month. Ta da! Done. :) 

The view from our driveway looking south. Ish. 

Love the light through the pines

Yeah, you've seen several of these. This is the lake two blocks from  the house which I posted a few days ago. 

Scout found mud on her flight of freedom.

Oh, so THAT'S the color of the driveway!

Fling me daddy! 

Sunrise on a morning run (obviously I had stopped running at the moment) 

The house! You can see it better now that we cut down the tree in the middle. 

Fun with the power washer

Her new playground

Christmas dinner with the Brennas

The aftermath of family Christmas 

So this is what it looks like if you walk into the woods and look up 

playing around with a long exposure shot so our kids look like ghosts

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Nope, it really wasn't warm enough 

Haircuts! Three of them 

Golf cart parade. Yep. Seriously. 

The moon likes to rise right behind our woods 

See what I mean? This was a long exposure shot 

And another one. Moonlight through the trees. 

Why do homework inside in your clothes when you can be outside in your pajamas? In the hammock no less. 

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