Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Land of Sky Blue Waters

Did you know that Minnesota means "Land of Sky Blue Waters?" Actually, I think the original Native Americans meant it more like "cloudy waters" but we like to ignore the cloud part and just focus on the awesome blue skies. Minnesotans are positive that way.

When most people think of Minnesota, they think things like, "Why would anyone want to live there? Doesn't it snow most of the year? Isn't that in Canada? Is that even a state? Where is Minnesota?" All valid questions. Sure, the winters here last about 5 months and they can get so cold your nose hairs freeze together, but the rest of the year makes up for it, and that's what we get to enjoy right now.

And enjoy it we are! I'm not an outdoor girl. Honestly, I could live in a bunker and it wouldn't affect me much as long as I had enough room to run around. But there's something about Minnesota in the fall that does a soul good.

The mornings here are cool - this morning I could see my breath at 7 am. The days are temperate and sunny, you can smell fall in the air, the leaves are changing. The pace of life here is slower, people you don't know wave at you from the other side of the road or greet you as you pass by. When shopkeepers tell you to have a nice day, they actually sound like they mean it. And look at this picture, taken while visiting some friends who have a cabin near our cabin. This is a picture of the pond in front of the lake where their cabin is. This is their view, and what a lovely view it is.

All of this restores my soul, as it says in Psalm 23. God is using Minnesota to re-stock my soul with life-giving things.

God knew He was making a good thing when He made the land of sky blue waters.

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