Monday, September 3, 2012

When Does It Feel Real?

I live in America. I live in America. I live in America.

No matter how many times I think it, it doesn't feel true. Granted, I've been on American soil just over 24 hours, but it doesn't feel even remotely true. When will it?

I have moments when I realize that it is true, but mostly I have to remind myself. Like when I feel this need to buy everything we need in a mad rush like we usually do when we're back for a visit. When I sign up for cell phone service, and not just the one month kind. When I see a clip on the Today Show about China and have to tell myself, "You don't live there anymore."

I suppose it will become more real when I pick out paint colors for our house. Certainly it will be more real when we move our furniture in there right? When we change our permanent address, when we buy plants for our yard, when we get a year long membership at the Y, when we hunt for a church, when we get Florida driver's licenses.

Then will it be real? 


  1. it's such a process of letting go and learning how to hold on to the new. 2 months here and i still keep thinking "do i really LIVE here?". but we didn't make as drastic change as you are making. blessings in your transition. when do you arrive here?

  2. We will be down in October for a debrief conference and then back for good around December 1st.