Monday, September 3, 2012

Project 365 August

Here is our last month in China, in pictures. I missed a few because of all the moving craziness, but I caught a lot of our last moments. 
Cool gate along a country road

Guyaju cave dwellings

Longqing Gorge

Fruit vendor

relief on a hot day

Taking a bath

Scout Court of Honor

Hutong door

Old hutong

Ancient woman in the hutong


This is MY toy

To do list


Garage sale

Our door

mowing the grass with a weed wacker

Someone's collecting branches

A game of cards

Reading the news



Waiting to be taken

A last bag of my favorite snack

Where the white boards were

This is how boys say goodbye

Scout looking forlorn as she heads across the ocean

Nope, I didn't take this but it was worthy of inclusion

Last photos with friends

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