Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tap water and other novelties

America is novel to me right now.

This morning I watched a line of 5 cars creeping along behind a truck on a quiet road. The road was wide enough for three cars, and I thought, "In China, all of those cars would have gone around him, even if there had been oncoming traffic."

Last night I threw a melatonin pill in my mouth and immediately realized it was not the kind you suck. Ack! Ack! What to do? And then I realized - I can drink this tap water. I have to say it wasn't the best tasting water seeing as it was in the bathroom, but people, it was tap water. I walked around feeling weird about that for a little while.

Did you know that they make peanut butter Cheerios? And vanilla nut? Or something like that. I feel a little badly for regular Cheerios, like they aren't good enough.

They have Crystal Light single packets that come in mixed drink flavors now like margarita, because nothing says, "Soccer mom who'd rather be at happy hour" like fake alcohol in your water bottle.

The grapes are big but there are no seeds, and the skins don't feel like something you need to cut through with a knife!

America really knows how to do paper products. I feel like I'm wiping my nose with a blanket.

The internet is crazy fast here!

Yeah, I'm enjoying it all.

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