Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Homeschool View

One of the most frequent questions I have heard throughout our transition is, "Are you going to homeschool in America?" On the one hand, the thought of homeschooling in America sounds SO much easier than doing it in China, so why not? Hello libraries! Hello fast internet! Hello Amazon Prime that comes to my door in two days! Hello even more people who homeschool! Wow - that looks like I'm really excited, and also, quite friendly.

On the other hand, there are schools here. Schools that don't ask me to decide between sending my child to 5th grade or her freshman year of college for tuition. Schools where our kids could learn things I don't teach them, where they could have experiences they don't get at home.

I've never been a hard core homeschool mom. Our decision to homeschool was more out of necessity than choice. That said, I don't regret doing it; I see only good things that have come from it.

But as we look to Orlando, we're considering the options. Florida itself is not known for its stellar education system (#48 out of 50?!?) but there are other choices besides public schools (and even those we haven't ruled out). When we head down there in a few weeks, I hope to look at one of them in particular. I had previously written it off, but it's run by someone we know and our dear friends' kids go there, so our kids are all for it.

For now, we have three baskets full of books, binders and curriculum in the kids' bedrooms. They mostly work at the desks in their rooms or on their beds. So far so good, but who knows how much longer we'll have this view? 

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